Tuesday, February 19, 2013

wine and overthinking

This nifty infographic depicts a fairly naïve (I feel) but impressively thorough approach to pairing wine with food.  Husband and I are amateur foodies and also do adore our vino (bringing two cases of ice wine through customs in Niagara was less painful than you might think), but we usually don't put too much conscious thought into pairing.  I think most dinners-with-wine go something like this:

'Want wine with dinner?'

'Sure.  How about that neglected bottle we bought ages ago?'

'Sounds good.  Oh wait, what are we having with it?'

'Meh.  Pour the wine.'

Well, I'm approximating.  But we go more by vibe and momentary preference than any cerebral hard-and-fast rules about how thou shalt pair thine wine with thine food.  I'll leave that to the sommeliers of the world.  For me, I know that if it's red and Australian, it's bound to be delicious.

But hey, this infographic might be helpful on occasion.

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