Tuesday, May 14, 2013

today in marriage equality: Minnesota

Minnesota is joining the chorus of states passing legislation to allow same-sex marriage.

Woo! This marks a push from coastal states inland to the midwest, a most encouraging direction.

From the link:
[Critics of the measure said that] other states were not likely to follow Minnesota’s lead in a sudden wave of legislative changes.

I wouldn't bet on that, guys.  Ever hear of the phrase 'critical mass' when applied to social movements?  Maybe they won't be specifically following Minnesota, but every bit helps, and it's downright silly to pretend that another state putting its weight behind the movement is somehow irrelevant.  

It's damn relevant.  Congratulations, Minnesota.  

Edited to add: fighting vehemently against a piece of legislation and then suddenly trying to trivialize its significance by claiming that it won't matter anyway, in addition to being a pretty transparent way to not admit defeat, also ignores and invisibles the difference the bill does make.  I guarantee that the people pushing and publicizing and supporting the measure were not doing it solely so that suddenly other states would do it too as though it doesn't matter until absolutely everyone is on board.  I strongly suspect that a big part of their motivation was the Actual Real Live Minnesotans who will now be able to marry their beloveds.  These people exist, and their lives are significantly impacted for the better by this, and it's pretty insulting to pretend otherwise or to minimize this effect. 

Anyway, the point is: we see what you did there.  

Also, YAY for all the Minnesotans who can feel that much more accepted into their societies.  This inclusion thing is awesome. 

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