Friday, July 19, 2013

um... recently in marriage equality

I've been dealing with a lot of real-life stuff lately, and as far as the Internet is concerned that's equivalent to living under a rock.

So I'm a little late to announce a recent awesome in the realm of marriage equality: the UK has jumped on the bandwagon, and is officially allowing same-sex marriage!  Rock bloody on.


I wish to mention a side note to my celebration of the spread same-sex marriage acceptance.  The right to have long-term same-sex romantic partners accepted legally and socially is an important step, but it's really only a baseline of decency.  It seems like gay marriage, as a concept, has been dominating the discourse on LGBTQ rights for a while now, but it's not everything.  There are still so many fights to be won; what about polyamorous, asexual, transsexual, genderfluid, and all sorts of other folks that don't fit into the mandated heterosexual/monogamous/gender-binary-exemplifying paradigm?

It seems silly that these are arguments that people have.  The right to exist is not and absolutely should not be dependent on one's sexuality, gender, or gender expression.  But until people and societies everywhere accept that sexuality, gender, and conformity are really terrible variables on which to base judgement and discrimination (JUST AN IDEA, GUYS), I guess it's what we've got.  So huzzah for small steps, even the microscopically tiny ones.  It all adds up.

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