Monday, September 09, 2013

geek girls

So there's this thing, wherein certain domains of fandom are considered to be male-only clubs and female geeks are questioned and harassed and ridiculed and told they can't possibly like what they like and challenged to 'prove' their fandom because obviously people with breasts are incapable of properly liking science fiction.  Or something.

Anyway, this video response to that phenomenon is fantastic.  Many of my favorite people show up in it.  You should watch it.

(link for if embed fails)

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  1. Geekdom is man land. In order to exist in it, you must prove yourself to the Men, the arbiters of all things that is true and correct. You are not allowed to determine who and what you are until you submit a full resume with your qualifications to the Holy Council of Geek Men and then, and only then, if they deem you worthy, you may wear the title. Then they can hit on you.


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