Wednesday, October 16, 2013

homecoming, or the kids are all right

A school in Florida elected a couple with Down syndrome as homecoming royalty.

An Illinois school elected a gay homecoming king and a lesbian homecoming queen.

In New Hampshire, they have a transgender homecoming king.

As we grown-ups work to confront entrenched and shitty biases that keep people from really seeing and accepting each others, the kids are figuring this shit out too.  Not to say that social justice work is irrelevant (hardly!) but that it really does work to change the world, tiny piece by tiny piece.  Continuing to bust our asses to make the world a more accepting place has real results, and here's a lovely bit of proof.

The kids, they are okay.

Also, happy Ada Lovelace Day!

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  1. This group graduating right now probably contains some of the first Generation Z (igeneration?) high school graduates. Or it may still be Millennials. Actual start and stop dates for the various generations aren't decided (and argued about)on for some time. However this group seems to be making a very nice splash in open mindedness. Whoever they are, you Millennials can count on this generation's cohorts as following well in your footsteps. And you Millennials have hard work in front of you, so it's good you'll have some help w/ the new generation!


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