Monday, July 02, 2012

financial retrospective: june

June was a mild financial success.  I've got that pretty purple 'savings' wedge on the pie chart, indicating that the Master Equation (spending < earning) has been adhered to.  It's nothing dramatic, but it's a step along the way to financial freedom.

This month saw a few atypical expenditures, mostly pertaining to a replacement futon frame (the old one was literally falling apart, and the 'new' one is a Craigslist find, touched up with a stain marker), a housewarming gift for a good friend, and an oil change for my car.  I did contribute to our shared checking account to help with bills and such, and even threw a little extra money at my credit card balance.  All these things still didn't manage to throw me into the negative, so I call this a win.

Another month closer to December 2013, my projected month of achieving debt freedom!

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