Monday, April 06, 2015

awesome thing of the day: cupcakes for equality

So you've heard about the hubbub in Indiana, right?  The whole "Religious Freedom" legislation exempting businesses from serving customers if they don't "agree" with their personal lives?  It's harmful nonsense, pandering to those who feel a misplaced need to not only control other people, but to assert their rights to bigotry and overt hatred under the guise of religious freedom.

There's one now-famous bit about a pizza parlor refusing to cater a hypothetical gay wedding.  Thankfully, there are some Christians out there who are sick and tired of their religious being defined by hatred.  And one in particular is taking direct demonstrative action:

"To prove that not every Christian business owner is obsessed with their clients’ sex lives, a New York Christian pastor says he and his church plan to hand out cupcakes near several gay-friendly bars in New York with the help of local bakers.

They’re calling it a 'Christian Cake Mob.'"


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