Friday, April 17, 2015

bento friday, because reasons

Going back through the archives, it looks like I used to post bento things on Fridays.  Maybe I should start doing that again. Oh hey, it's Friday!  I should write a thing.

Look at me being all grown-up and stuff.


First off, I've talked about these zucchini noodles (adorably called 'zoodles').  They're... well, they're not noodles.  Because they, well, have the texture of zucchini.  But they are long and skinny and fun to slurp, so they largely serve the same purpose.  Good enough for me.


Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the gloriousness that is a big pile of fresh shiitake mushrooms?  There's a sort of international market that sells these at a tiny fraction of the price you get from fancy grocery stores.  They are amazing.  They are my world.  Mmm.

Mmm.  Yes.

Anyway, assembled into bento form, we have this lovely creation below.

Left: broccoli and beef stir fry over zoodles.

Right: teriyaki shiitake mushrooms, and a soy-sauce-coated hard-boiled egg.


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