Friday, April 12, 2013

bento friday: not a bento

These week I present... not really a bento.  What?  We had a lot of leftovers to use up, and bento-making just didn't come up.  

I don't consider this at all a bento, because
  1. it's made of leftovers,
  2. it's decidedly un-Japanese*, and
  3. it's totally designed to be refrigerated and nukerowaved.
But it's packed kinda sorta in a bento-like fashion, so hey!  It'll do for a bento friday.  It's only cheating a little, right?

a totally cheating non-bento: leftover ribs and leftover mac and cheese

In other news, eating delicious sauce-covered ribs at a computer desk is a bit of a challenge.

*There's totally an argument to be made that non-Japanese food can still be bento.  I'm just not entirely feeling it, at least in light of the other conditions listed. 

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