Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scalzi is amazing, part eleventy

Have I mentioned lately how very very super-duper much I adore John Scalzi's blog Whatever*?

I do.  It's so juicy and delicious and full of patriarchy-smashing awesomeness. 

I also read and adore a lot of blogs written by women and other people in other demographics and I don't want to look like I'm awarding disproportionate cookies to Scalzi because of being white and male and intersectionality is complicated.  

Also, one of the extra awesome things about Scalzi is that he sees and acknowledges the clusterfuck of intersectional privilege working for him, and thinks that's a load of steaming poo and says so.  

Anyway, he's great.  

For todays installment of why Scalzi is awesome, I present his treatise on women in geekdom.  

There's been a lot of hubbub lately (where lately is the past decade or so) about people of the female persuasion (gasp!) daring to be interested in geeky things and even (!!!) go to cons and participate in fandoms for the things they like.  And predictably, there's been a lot of pushback from Real (read: male) Geeks shunning and criticizing and even assaulting those damn Fake Geek Girls because they're obviously just here for attention and what the hell are ladypeople doing at my con anyway?  

Those ladypeople are tired of putting up with that shit.  As well they should be.  

Anyway, it's a mess.  Scalzi's input on the subject is insightful and on target.  You should read it.  

*Incidentally, while I've been reading and loving Scalzi's blog for a while now, I hadn't gotten around to reading any of his actual books (you know, the thing he does professionally and is kind of famous for).  Today that changed, and on my morning commute I started Old Man's War, being the only Scalzi book we happened to have in the house.  So I'm fixing that situation!  Whee. 

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