Friday, March 15, 2013

bento friday: lazy stir fry

a lazy bento: basic veg stir fry

Our fridge is full.  I mean really, really, full.  Like, it takes a Tetris master to fit anything into it. 

This happens a lot, admittedly.  It's something we're working on.  

Anyway, veggies take up a lot of space, so this week I made a really simple stir-fry bento from whatever veg I could find in there, in an attempt to clear space (and make a lunch, of course), to serve atop white rice.  That wound up meaning onions, snow peas, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, bean sprouts, baby pak choy, and scallions.  I chopped everything up the night before, along with a generous amount of fresh ginger.  

Unfortunately I totally forgot to add the fresh garlic to it in the morning.  Bah.  

The sauce consisted of random things I threw in a mason jar and shook up, reduced down a bit to coat the veggies.  Some combination of soy sauce, mirin, a bit of brown sugar, corn starch for thickening, oyster sauce, stock, and red pepper flake, as I recall.  

Despite the red pepper flake, it turned out disappointingly bland and not spicy at all.  Bah.  I really should have added some Sriracha.  Sriracha makes everything better.  I must get better at sauces.  

But this does go to show that a totally legit bento can totally be thrown together from what's hanging out in the fridge.  There's no need to overthink things. 

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