Thursday, March 21, 2013

overheard progress

This is epic and you should read it.  Some of the linked content is possibly NSFW, so the crunchiest bit is below.  This was overheard on an NYC subway.

Guy #1: My wife wants me to get fixed like a dog but I don’t see why she can’t just keep taking the pill.
Guy #2:  No more kids for you two?
Guy #1:  No, she figures we’re both getting too old for a baby.
Guy #2:  How is your boy anyway?  Haven’t seen him in awhile.
Guy #1:  Oh John’s good, pitching this year varsity.
Guy #2:  He’ll definitely have the girls hanging around him now.
Guy #1:  Yeah if he had any time for them.
Guy #2:  Focused on baseball?
Guy #1:  Focused on boys.
Guy #2:  You’re shittin’ me!
Guy #1:  I kid you not.  Came out to me and Mary Ann bold as daylight last year.
Guy #2:  Well I’ll be damned!  I’m not supposed to know it but I overheard Patrick Jr. tell his sister he might be gay not two months ago.
Guy #1:  We all saw that coming though.
Guy #2:  You’re the second person to say that. How’d everybody see it but me?
Guy #1:  It was just a feeling, Pat.  He was always a little soft, ya know?
Guy #2:  I guess you’re right. But damn Charlie, we both have gay kids. What do we do now?  Both our sons are gay.
Guy #1:  We don’t do anything.  We let em be gay and if some kid calls ‘em a faggot we go to their house and raise hell with the parents like normal.
Guy #2:  Well I guess John and Lucinda won’t be getting together like we thought awhile ago.
Guy #1:  Guess not.
**long pause**
Guy #2:  Hey Charlie, you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?
Guy #1:  I was for about half-a-second then it got weird and I started thinkin’ about somethin’ else instead.

Ordinary people being awesome.  Rock on. 

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