Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So this girl in Philadelphia has been playing football since kindergarten in a Catholic youth league, proving her ability to play the game quite effectively.  Apparently the Archdiocese of Philadelphia recently booted her out, saying she shouldn't be allowed to play any more 'for her and other girls' safety.'

So she rallied support, and started a petition.

'When she first stepped on the field, the boys on Caroline's first CYO team were uncomfortable lining up against a girl, said her former coach, Jim Reichwein. Those concerns dissipated once Caroline showed she was tough enough to take the rough and tumble of the game. 
"We didn't make a big deal about it," said Reichwein. "Anyone who went head-to-head with her ended up on the ground. After a week, (her gender) was laid to rest."'
 This is yet another case of kids (both Caroline and the male players) getting the hell over arbitrary gender performance requirements, while adults freak out.  Does gender equality mean that girls are inherently better and should be allowed to hold positions they're unqualified for?  No.  Does it mean that all female-bodied people have to be interested in sports?  No (I'm not, as it turns out).  Does it mean that a little girl who loves football and pwns at it by any measurement should bloody well be allowed to keep playing, and that we stick-in-the-mud grown-ups need to back off with our baseless gender expectations?  Hell yes.

'While waiting for Caroline to return from school, Seal Pla said her daughter taught her a powerful lesson. 
"Always fight for what you believe in the right way, with respect and persistence," she said.'
Eventually the Archdiocese gave in, and Caroline gets to play again.  Rock on, little one.

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