Thursday, March 21, 2013

Steubenville link roundup

Jim C. Hines responds to the bafflingly heinous quotes surrounding the conviction.

Crates and Ribbons asks when we'll finally get around to considering that women matter in this world.

The always fantastic and eminently erudite Melissa McEwan points out the obvious, and extends compassion to the true victim.

I already linked to it once, but John Scalzi has written one of the best summaries of why all this bullshit is bullshit.

David Futrelle chronicles noxious victim-blaming tweets regarding the verdict (strong trigger warning on these).

Rather impressively, likely as a result of the massive backlash from the original hellaciously victim-blaming and rape-culture-propagating coverage, there have been several much more respectful and reality-acknowledging pieces, even in mainstream media (or at least mainstream media blogs).

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