Friday, March 01, 2013

bento friday: miso chicken and unreasonably delicious green beans

Bento is a meal (sometimes of Japanese food) packed attractively in a box.  I love making bento, and will be showcasing my current and past creations periodically. 

a super-tasty bento: miso chicken, broccoli, and green bean/onion stir fry

Now this was an unreservedly successful bento.  It doesn't happen very often that I nail a preparation and there isn't even a single 'blah' side dish, but on this day I lucked out.  My miso-marinated chicken was delicious (and I even got a specific compliment on it from Husband), and the thrown-together green-beans-that-were-languishing-in-the-crisper-drawer-and-onion stir fry was Simply.  Delicious.  I deliberately overcooked the onions a bit so they'd get a browned and soft with a couple of little burned bits, and added plenty of fresh ginger and garlic.  Oh my.  Lick-the-bowl good.  

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